We Collaborate

⟶ We create relationships with employers, community groups, medical providers to understand your needs and provide you with a complementary toolkit and promotional materials to better serve and support your organization and those you serve.

⟶ We provide online personal transformation courses including complementary mini-courses, low-cost standard courses and high value flagship courses.

⟶ Thank you for collaborating with us and allowing us the opportunity to help you strengthen the health of those you support.

Collaborate with us!

Steps to utilize our collaboration toolkit

1. Introduce Live & Lead to your audience

Share the good news! Let others know about who we are and how we can add value to their lives through lifestyle and behavior change.

Course Comparison Flyer

Course Options Flyer

2. Distribute topic/course materials to your audience:

Now that you have introduced us, let your audience know what types of courses we offer to spark their interest. Share the video, course comparison flyer, course option flyer and use our email templates to spread the word. New courses are added frequently, so be sure to check back for relevant, new topics!

Healthy Now & Forever

Maximize your lifestyle to reach and maintain a healthy body composition

Transform Your Mental Health and Cognitive Function

Strengthen your immunity

Tackling High Blood Pressure

Optimize Your Cholesterol

Demolishing Diabetes

Combating Cardiovascular Disease

Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

3. Contact our team to share your feedback and ask for support.

Please reach out to share feedback as to how we have helped your organization and share your organizations needs so we can create tailored solutions to empower and equip your audience.